The MBA Summit Podcast

The Alumni Advantage

Episode Summary

Business leaders who have reaped the benefits of an extensive alumni network discuss how to make the most of the alumni advantage during your program and beyond.

Episode Notes

Nicole Smith, MBA '11 Nicole is the owner of consulting and coaching business, Smitn. Upon graduating from Ross, she served as chief marketing officer for the Dallas Wings (WNBA), senior director of growth marketing for NASCAR, and director of brand development for the San Diego Padres.  

Shane Kelly, MBA '13 is the Founder of Wolverine Angels, which leverages the U-M alumni community to support early stage investors and startups. He also founded Cinematica Labs, a venture studio supporting mission-driven media technology ventures. He was previously Head of Investments at CrowdSmart, an AI-powered investment platform.  

Barbara Calixto, MBA '11 Barbara serves as chief marketing officer at Wallbox Chargers, a developer of smart electric vehicle chargers in Barcelona. Previously, she was director of product marketing at Microsoft Corporation and vice president of marketing at Cabify, a Spanish ridesharing company.