The MBA Summit Podcast

Impact with an MBA

Episode Summary

The MBA was a stepping-stone for successful careers in entrepreneurship and philanthropy for these grads, and they’re discussing how to leverage the right program to follow in their footsteps.

Episode Notes

Samir Malviya, MBA '13 Samir is a general manager at One Concern, a start-up whose artificial intelligence platform helps save lives in catastrophic natural hazard scenarios. He previously worked at Goldman Sachs and on global financial and impact-related advising projects in India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan.

Eshanthi Ranasinghe, MBA/MS '12 Eshanthi serves as head of exploration and future sensing at Omidyar Network, which uses foresight and signal scanning to identify emerging opportunities, blind spots, and areas for impact for the firm. She holds a dual MBA/MS degree from the Erb Institute at Ross.